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 Representing a variety of disciplines in imaging research, our Scientific Advisory Board is the scientific operational body responsible for defining our long-term scientific strategies. The SAB advises us in all scientific matters and plays a key role in the preparation of funding proposals and the implementation of EU-funded projects.



  Objective To generate a European consensus on research needs and their priorities in medical radiation application and corresponding radiation protection to optimize the use of ionizing radiation in medicine and thereby improve its benefit to Europe's patients.

The aim is to base this consensus on an integrative approach, bringing together the existing medical radiation protection research platform, i.e. the European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research (EURAMED) as well as the other radiation protection research platforms in Europe, the research community in the health and digitization areas in Europe as well as the relevant industries, suppliers, healthcare professionals, professional and scientific organizations, and regulatory bodies.






The European Nuclear Education Network, (ENEN) is an international nonprofit organization (aisbl) established under Belgian law. The main purpose of the ENEN Association is the preservation and the further development of expertise in the nuclear fields by higher education and training in Europe.

The mission of ENEN is the preservation and the further development of expertise in the nuclear fields by higher Education and Training. This objective should be realized through the co-operation between universities, research organizations, regulatory bodies, the industry, and any other organizations involved in the application of nuclear science and ionising radiation.




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NucAdvisor is a nuclear consulting company established in France by a group of senior executives and high-level experts from across the European nuclear industry. Today, we provide support to clients worldwide in the fields of Nuclear Market, Research and Technologies, Economics, Safety, Regulations, Industrial and Medical Nuclear Applications as well as Environment. 

​In these fields, NucAdvisor provides advisory services, technical assistance, project management and financial expertise, as well as training for clients across the whole of the nuclear industry: newcomer countries to the global nuclear community, clients building nuclear facilities, as well as those undergoing decommissioning. 
NucAdvisor is made up of high-level experts with a wealth of experience of the nuclear lifecycle. Through their knowledge of developing strategies, plans, designs, safety and environmental assessments, project management and implementation of complex projects on nuclear licensed sites around the world, NucAdvisor is acutely aware of the justification required and the level of external scrutiny on such key issues. 

​NucAdvisor has full independence from all nuclear vendors, operators, government agencies, and public entities, allowing it to act with total impartiality. We can therefore assure our clients that no conflict of interest issues will arise.




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