Erasmus+ KA2

Improve the Efficiency and the Attractiveness of

Environmental Engineering and Waste Management Training with

Game Based Virtual Reality

 Virtual World with A.I.


R-WAMA project aims to respond to the continuing and urgent needs of the growing environmental engineering and waste management sectors to develop highly qualified VET students with great skills and competencies able to fulfill the sector needs for highly qualified and specialized professionals. In this line, the project aims to develop an innovative, state of the art, highly efficient and concrete training framework to assist VET students to better learn more and teachers to teach more efficiently the challenging domain of environmental engineering and waste management in an attractive, effective and educationally advanced way.

Its objective is to enhance the students qualifications, expertise and skills and thus increase their employability and assist them to make a career in the environmental engineering industry. The project consists of three main phases which are the Design, Implementation and Evaluation. Design will take place during the first months of the project with main objective to identify the needs for environmental engineering training in VET sector, and then design suitable, state of the art curriculum and innovative course for addressing them by utilizing state of the art technologies. Specifically, several studies and roadmaps on environmental engineering and waste management on European level will be formulated and introduced. The Implementation of the courses and the 3D game-based virtual reality training environment will take place after with an aim to prepare the learning materials and integrate them in virtual environment. The final phase of the project regards extensive testing of the developed Virtual World through various pilot learning activities, evaluating it and using the results to improve and eventually finalize it.

A main target group of the project are VET students studying and the choice of the participants will be done according to the following parameters:

  • Type of VET centers giving priority to VET centers and schools that already apply advanced environmental engineering and waste management subjects
  • Performance of VET students at specific Environmental engineering courses and related lessons. Priority will be given to students with low performance, without excluding students with high performance
  • Teachers of VET centers that teach advanced topics and courses on Environmental engineering that are challenging for students

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